Grassfed Beef

We raise two breeds of cattle on our farm, Black Angus, which originated in Scotland in the 1800’s, and Red Devon, native to southwest England, also known as the Devon Ruby for their rich red coats.

Our cattle are fed an exclusive diet of forages – grasses and legumes – which is what the ruminant digestive system was designed to thrive on. The rumen, or stomach, is a 40-50 gallon “fermentation vat” where resident bacteria convert cellulose into protein and fats. A forage based diet results in a healthier animal, and a better tasting, healthier meat.

Grass fed beef is lower in both overall fat and saturated fats. Meat from grass fed and finished cattle has higher levels of healthy Omega-3′s, up to four times the amount of vitamin E and is much higher in Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Best of all, the beef has a more developed complex flavor. For further information about grass fed meat, see


Our animals spend their time on pasture, foraging for food, finding the shady place when it is hot and the protected spot when it is windy and cold. As part of this process, all of their manure (we like to call it “nutrients”) is returned to the soil completing a cycle that is beneficial to the land and livestock. It’s more time consuming and expensive to raise our cattle on pasture, but we think that it’s worth the effort to bring you a safer, more nutritious and better tasting product. Visit our farm store and let us know what you think of the quality of our pasture-raised grass-fed grass-finished beef.