Pastured Eggs

When you visit the farm, you’ll see chickens roaming around in their pasture, scratching in the grass working to turn up bugs and seeds and digging holes in the soft dirt to make a place for a luxurious dust bath. Chickens allowed to live in a pasture have a healthy life and produce the most nutritious eggs.


The color of an egg is determined by the breed of the hen.  Aracaunas lay green or blue tinted eggs, a Silver Spangled Hamburg lays a white egg, and several breeds including the Buff Orpington, Buckeye, Speckled Sussex, Welsummer, and Cuckoo Maran, all lay brown eggs.  We like to have a variety of egg colors in our box of a dozen eggs, just because they’re so beautiful.

In the spring, summer and fall, our hens live out in the pasture in mobile coops.  Every day the coops are moved a few feet to distribute the droppings from the hens which fall through the mesh floor and fertilize the pasture.