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Feb 2018
This week only! Valentines Day Steak Sale (until 2/17)
14% OFF – purchase any 2 grassfed beef steaks (ribeye, porterhouse, t bone, ny strip, delmonico, sirloin, or filet)
More Specials this month:
Bone Sale – Select a combo of 10 pounds soup bones (beef, lamb, pork soup or neck, or trotters) for $15.
$20 Dog Pack – 5 pounds of grassfed beef heart, kidney and liver.  Fed in small amounts as raw treats or lightly cooked and cubed as a kibble topper, these variety meats are a great way to add nutrition and real food to your dog’s diet. Farm dog approved!
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  • Winter Farm Store Hours: 7 days a week 7am to 5pm 

We sell grass fed beef and lamb, pasture raised chickens, pork, and eggs from our pastured laying hens. There’s also honey from the local beekeeper than we’ve been working with. If there is any particular cut of meat that you’re interested in, please give us a call and we’ll let you know if it’s available at the moment or if we can order it for you.

Our Farm Store is open throughout the year and we keep farmer’s hours, and you’re welcome to call ahead to make sure that we’re able to meet you when you arrive.  Our phone numbers are listed on the Farm Store so if we don’t happen to be there, just give one of us a call.  We’re out doing chores in the field if we’re not in the store.

All of our cattle and sheep live on pasture year round and are fed a natural diet of fresh grass during the summer months and hay throughout the winter. The cattle and sheep are Animal Welfare Approved which requires a strict adherence to the highest standards of animal husbandry. The best way to understand how the animals are raised is to visit the farm and see them in their pastures.

** Please note! As a part of our Animal Welfare Approved Compliance we do not sell any live animals ** 

Lee (518) 929-3076 and Georgia (518) 929-3075